See The Trailer For Horror Fun THE FINAL GIRLS

A camp horror movie for those of us who love camp horror movies.

I saw Todd Strauss-Schulson's The Final Girls out of SXSW and was utterly charmed by it, a bright, goofy, warm-hearted camp slasher tribute with a terrific cast and a lot of great jokes. The film arrives in theaters October 9, and the trailer came out today:

This is a great trailer, perfectly representative of what you get out of The Final Girls: laughs, gore, a lot of style and, most surprisingly, heart. The relationship between Malin Akerman's Amanda and Taissa Farmiga's Max gives The Final Girls more emotional weight than any of the slashers it's spoofing, and more resonance than any other cinematic spoof in memory. It makes what could be a fun but forgettable film one that has stuck with me since March, and I'm looking forward to seeing it again in October. 

Just wait until you see that dance scene.