Tom Sawyer And Huck Finn Are Coming To CBS, Kind Of

The one person in the world who wanted this is jumping for joy right now.

Yesterday, we had a story about The Inferno being turned into a romantic adventure film with franchise potential. That one really scratched my itch for Hollywood shenanigans that defy satire. But here comes another story that - while not quite as great - travels down that same path.

According to Deadline, CBS has committed to a pilot for a show called Sawyer & Huck. Yes, it’s about Huck Finn from the Twain novel and Tom Sawyer from the Rush song. Sure, that seems reasonable enough. We live in weird times, and maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to watch grubby boys be grubby boys in fun, wholesome ways.

But that’s not what the show is. Instead, this is a modern take on the fellas in which they are all grown up and ready to take on society’s ills. Sawyer has a legal firm and hires Finn on as an investigator. They help people who have nowhere else to turn.

I'm not sure how the Tom & Huck appeal translates to this sort of set up, but I have to assume CBS will figure it out. Maybe they still dress in ragged clothes and cover their faces with dirt, but instead of coming across as charmingly uncouth, people just assume they are homeless. Actually, a modern Tom & Huck show where they get by living on the streets is a show premise I would welcome.