ASH VS EVIL DEAD Gets Another Exciting Trailer

Churros are pretty delicious.

Ash vs Evil Dead is closer than you think. The first episode (directed by Sam Raimi himself) will premiere on Halloween. That’s like, tomorrow.

And since we’re so close, it’s high time we got a new trailer. And look! There's one right here!

While not as exciting as the trailer released during Comic Con, this maintains the momentum that trailer raised, though it could be argued that it does so by using mostly the same footage. There are some new jokes, though, and they’re not too bad. The team-up nature of this series gives Ash a lot more opportunities to be a more traditional joke-maker, which already kind of creates a new Evil Dead flavor.

Hopefully everything remains this fun and optimistic when the first episode airs. It would be great if we could place this as yet another rendition of Evil Dead to knock it out of the park in its own special way.