Birth.Movies.Exclusive.: See The Trailer For Spanish Thriller PARA ELISA

Ana's already regretting this babysitting gig.

On September 1st, Dark Sky Films is releasing on DVD and VOD the acclaimed Spanish thriller Para Elisa from first-time writer/director Juanra Fernandez, and we're happy to exclusively debut the trailer for you today!

I'm getting a hint of Livide meets House of the Devil and maybe Orphan here, and that is a fun combination of movies. Read below for the plot synopsis: 

Desperate for some post-graduation cash, party girl Ana (Ona Casamiquela, Eva) answers a babysitting ad. She arrives for an interview at the elegant home of Diamantina (Luisa Gavasa, Flesh Memories), a former child prodigy pianist who is now an eccentric old woman who collects antique toys and dolls. Ana is disturbed by Diamantina’s odd behavior and horrified to discover that her child, Elisa (Ana Turpin, Bandolero), is not a child but rather a deranged woman her own age. Before Ana really understands what’s happening, she finds herself trapped in the house and made to serve as Elisa’s new toy – a toy that, like many others before it, may well be broken. 

Debuting writer-director Juanra Fernandez crafts a breathless horror parable with PARA ELISA, an intensely violent thriller that escalates to a nightmarish climax, leaving viewers asking if all people are just things to be played with.

And check out the poster: 

Para Elisa looks stylish and creepy, and you can see it as soon as next week from the comfort of your couch.