New HUNGER GAMES Banner Is Conceptually AWESOME

The revolution ends.

This banner for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is really, really cool. Conceptually it's dynamite, and I love how Katniss, in red, is set apart from the rest of the characters in black at the bottom of the fallen statue. I love how this, in the tradition of the marketing for The Hunger Games, feels not like a scene from the film but rather a piece of propaganda from within the world of the movie itself. 

Maybe taking it on that level will help me deal with the phoniness of the way the characters are pasted in. They stand in such unnatural poses, quite unlike how they might stand in the actual situation but exactly how an actor would stand when taking publicity photos in front of a white backdrop. The effect is that it looks like all of the characters are action figures, carefully placed on little stands and arrayed in a diorama. And again, looking at this banner in a meta way adds a layer to that, and forces you to ask what the role of these people in this revolution means, and who they serve. 

So maybe it's just great! Lord knows it's better than someone standing with their backs to us.