Bruce Willis Mysteriously No Longer In Woody Allen Movie He Was Shooting 24 Hours Ago

And scheduling conflicts are taking the blame.

I am very, very bad at scheduling. I often forget to put things in my calendar, or I forget to RSVP to things I already put in my calendar, or I just forget to look at my calendar. Every day is a mystery to me - do I have things to which I am committed this day and that I have forgotten? Probably! 

Which is a long way of saying that if Bruce WIllis had to leave the new Woody Allen film because of scheduling conflicts, I feel him. Especially if those scheduling conflicts arose after he was already shooting said movie, as he was photographed doing just hours before the announcement that he was out of it. 

The official story is that the Woody movie conflicts with his duties in the stage show Misery, but you sort of think someone would have thought of that before he showed up to set! Of course the sudden leaving has opened a lot of speculation, including this from Jeff Sneider at The Wrap, who is more comfortable stating potentially actionable things directly than I am: 


Actors leaving movies in production isn't unheard of, but Woody Allen is generally one of the more easygoing directors out there. He apparently barely even gives any direction at all. Word is that Willis can be tough to work with (Kevin Smith really has a lot to say on this subject), so maybe he was too tough for Woody? Or maybe Woody's style of directing didn't work for the actor? 

Or maybe it's sort of amicable? Micheal Keaton took a big pay cut to work on Purple Rose of Cairo and then left after ten days of shooting when Allen decided his vibe was just too modern for the period piece. Supposedly Keaton was okay about that decision, and maybe something similar happened here. Of course if this was amicable, why blame it on schedules?