Hey You Guys, This Podcast Is All About TIMECOP

Phil and Evan go back in time.

Once upon a time, Phil and I did this podcast. We decided to travel back to that time again to record another entry. We specifically traveled back to when we were still in the midst of our Future Cop series, specifically the Timecop episode. The original had a Virtuosity discussion as well, but Phil stepped on a bug and the ripples that action created erased it from all existence.

But never fear! We also discuss The Man From UNCLE and Terminator: The Newest One. In addition to that, we kind of sum up the summer movie season, which was far better than we could have hoped.

As always, please like, rate, review, worship, and all that goofy stuff. It’s been a busy summer, but I think Phil and I should start getting these out more regularly soon. Next week the Future Cop discussion continues with Judge Dredd and Demolition Man! That’s a warning, of course.