MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Gets An Ancient Egyptian Makeover

This is really, really cool.

At this point, I think it's safe to say that George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road is the reigning champ of the 2015 summer movie season. Oh, there were films that made more money, to be sure, and there were definitely films (read: franchise entries) that inspired more debate...but I don't think any of them came close to achieving Mad Max: Fury Road's insta-classic status. Speaking as a longtime mega-fan of the Mad Max universe, it makes me unspeakably happy to know that the legend of "Mad" Max Rockatansky has been passed on to a new generation.

To the newly-minted Mad Max enthusiasts, I say: Welcome! Please take this opportunity to catch up with The Road Warrior. No, there's no Furiosa, but there is a Lord Humungus.

If there's been any downside to the recent Mad Max lovefest, it's the outpouring of half-assed fan art that's followed along in the wake of the film. I have looked upon much of this art over the past few months, and lemme tell you: almost nobody's doing it right. Most really aren't doing enough to play up George Miller's deeply weird mythology. They're shortchanging Furiosa. They are - god help me - acting as though The Doof Warrior is where Fury Road begins and ends. 

This guy Takumi, though? He gets it. The images below - wherein Takumi takes the legend of Fury Road and retells it, beat-by-beat, in the form of an ancient Egyptian wall painting - are outstanding. He nails the mythology, he prominently features Furiosa (not only is this Fury Road-accurate, but it's also accurate to the paintings of the time; according to the rules of hierarchical proportion, Furiosa should be the most prominently-featured character here), and he does it in a way we haven't seen a hundred times already. Check these out:

Takumi also posted the keyline, original black-and-white drawings for the piece. The lack of color leaves them feeling a bit less authentic, but makes some of the detail clearer. Here's all three parts, assembled as above:

Well done, sir. 

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