Two Members Of NWA (Movie Version) Going To SKULL ISLAND

Jason Mitchell, aka Eazy-E, joins the Kongquest.

No actor in Straight Outta Compton impressed me quite as much as Jason Mitchell, who made a real human being out of Eazy-E, someone I had largely dismissed in real life. Coming off the huge success of that film, Mitchell has signed on for something else huge: Kong: Skull Island

All that we know is that Mitchell will be playing 'an easygoing pilot,' and have no clue how big the role is, but it is worth noting that his fellow member of the cinematic NWA, Corey Hawkins (Dr. Dre), is already on the picture. If they can get O'Shea Jackson Jr then Kong: Skull Island could turn into the Straight Outta Compton sequel we've all been waiting for. 

As a lifelong King Kong fanatic I have a lot of hope for this one. The cast is strong, even after losing JK Simmons and Michael Keaton, and Jordan Vogt-Roberts is an incredibly exciting young director. The recent news that Derek Connolly, half of the brain trust that wrote Jurassic World, has come on to do rewrites leaves me feeling somewhat less enthusiastic. Maybe the bones of the script are in a good enough place that even this dude can't screw it up.