Ballerinas Are Monsters in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

We've got Harrison Kipner, Rabit and The Chemical Brothers in this week's music video roundup.

The Kate Freund-helmed video for Topanga Canyon-based singer/songwriter Harrison Kipner’s “Monster” is a blood-soaked amalgam of the following choice genres: Giallo, Grindhouse and DANCE. The outcome is almost as if Suspiria were transformed into an anti-bullying PSA. Kipner’s unique upbringing set forth the genesis of his catchy compositions -- he was raised by Steve Kipner, a multi-platinum-selling songwriter who penned Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” and Chicago’s sprawling, scarily sincere “Hard Habit to Break.” A much obliged shout-out to @RewindThisMovie for tweeting it my way.

Houston-based electronic musician Rabit is poised and primed for the resurgence of instrumental grime. And for those unfamiliar, his MO is less Dizzee Rascal and more The Hurt Locker. Shake your head all you want, but the arrant dismantling and cerebral nature of the four-track EP from which “Straps” is plucked (Baptizm) makes me want to defuse a bomb rather than dance. I mean that as a compliment. Director Lane Stewart similarly grasps the circuitry of senses thus making him the perfect match for an overall visual I’d ruin by over-explaining. On a small world note, Lane happens to be roommates with a buddy of mine, so I picked their brains for BTS trivia on the way to Ikea. I learned that the location came with its own musty abandoned mattress, the lead worked days at REI while the crew shot sleepless nights and the brawnier gentleman is a ten-year veteran male entertainer carving out a space for himself as an actor (i.e. make room, Channing Tatum).

The Chemical Brothers were a harbinger of UK big beat electronica and also of my father’s footsteps on his way to tell me to turn “Block Rockin’ Beats” down in the year 1997. I guess we’re all survivors of the genre. In any case, they’ve set forth their eighth album from which the lead single “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted” is pulled -- it came with a superbly cinematic Ninian Doff-directed video. It’s a visceral dystopian tale of a battered lady-cyborg on the run from a few rude dudes against the backdrop of a dismal, Mad Max-like wasteland. The body horror is grade A nauseating to boot.