Check Out What May Be The Last HOBBIT Trailer Ever Made

Unless they make another trilogy, of course.

You thought you were all done with Hobbit trailers, but they managed to get another one out there. This one is for Fathom Events’ big exhibition of the trilogy’s extended edition. The main draw here is that this will be the first time anyone will be able to see the Battle of the Five Armies extended edition, which is supposedly R-Rated for graphic nudity.

Looking at this trailer, I have to assume some of it is extended footage, but my memory of this trilogy is not good enough to tell. Having bits from all three films flashed by my noggin at high speeds really does make clear how much unnecessary CG was utilized. It also reminds me of those goofy dwarves. Man, they just got worse and worse.

If you have it in you, however, you are welcome to partake in this event. I give you permission. Movie one plays October 5. Movie two plays October 7. Movie three plays October 13. They can't all play on the same night because each is several nights long.