Get Ready For GALAXY QUEST: The TV Series

Tony Shalhoub or bust.

I love Galaxy Quest. You love Galaxy Quest. Everyone's who seen Galaxy Quest loves Galaxy Quest, because it is a darned lovable movie.

And now it might be a lovable TV show! Amazon's developing a pilot based on the film, and if it's greenlit we'll get to see the NSEA crew embarking on wacky business on a weekly basis. Of course, no word on the cast yet, and it feels pretty unlikely that they'll nab the original stars (though Tony Shalhoub, surely?), but the film’s co-writer Robert Gordon is writing and executive producing the pilot, and it will be directed by the movie's director Dean Parisot. Galaxy Quest executive producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein are also joining the team, which means that, creatively, this series might look an awful lot like the hilarious, heartfelt, super weird movie that inspired it.

So seriously, bring Tony Shalhoub back. No other Fred Kwan will suffice. Though it occurs to me that, assuming the original cast is a no-go, writing new characters might make the most sense. After all, there's more than one Enterprise crew. Why can't the same be true of the Protector?