Jeremy Renner Shows Off CIVIL WAR Concept Art

And he likes his new purple duds.

Sometimes things appear in the most unexpected places. Today Jeremy Renner's official Facebook account decided to drop a bunch of Captain America: CIvil War concept art, all of which seems to confirm which sides each of the heroes are on. And they also confirm Hawkeye finally goes purple, which Renner likes: 



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Posted by Jeremy Renner on Thursday, August 27, 2015

The presence of Ant-Man on his shoulder really screams that we will see Scott Lang ride an arrow in this movie. 

The image above is my favorite - I love the comic book-y nature of it, of the two teams coming together with a vague explosion in the middle. It's a double page spread if I ever seen one. 

And now the rest: 

It's team Captain America! From left to right we have Ant-Man, Hawkeye (in purple), Sharon Carter (in jeans?), Cap himself, Falcon with Redwing in the background and The Winter Soldier, without a mask or eyeliner. Reports had Scarlet Witch on this side, but she ain't here. The presence of Sharon in the line-up should assuage those who worry (for some reason) that she won't get enough screen time. 

Team Iron Man! I like the use of red and blue - Republican and Democrat? The red is ominous as hell here. From left to right we have War Machine, with one helluva cannon, Black Widow with stun batons, Iron Man, Black Panther (the exact same image as the El Cap reveal?) and a floating Vision. 

You have to admit that having The Vision on this team makes the odds seem really stacked in their favor. Cap's team is totally the underdog. 

Now if they would just release that D23 footage so I could watch it over and over...