Key & Peele Reveal The True Story Behind GREMLINS 2

And Joe Dante says they nailed it.

Joe Dante's Gremlins 2: The New Batch wasn't popular with critics at the time of its release and bottomed out with audiences, but in the years since it seems like the general consensus on the film has changed. With enough distance, people have wrapped their heads around what Dante was trying to do with the film. They've embraced the film's sillier, more cartoonish elements. They've picked up on - and developed a taste for - its subversiveness. They've made peace with the fact that Gremlins 2 bears very little resemblance to the blockbuster that preceded it. Sure, not everyone's onboard, but it's probably fair to say that it's more appreciated now than it was upon release. 

And now, thanks to Key & Peele, we finally know why Gremlins 2 turned out the way it did.

Joe Dante himself just Tweeted out a link to the clip above, saying, "This is EXACTLY how it happened." Good enough for us. 

By the way: where do you folks stand on Gremlins 2? You feeling it? Not so much? Prefer the original? Sound off below. We're curious where the BMD crowd falls on this one (though we're also pretty sure we know the answer).