Get ready to remember how much you love this film.

We all love The Iron Giant, but when was the last time you actually watched it? For some of you, it could have been just the other day. But if you’re anything like me, it’s been years.

Now you’re getting an opportunity to revisit the film on the big screen, digitally remastered and with two new scenes as well. Not a bunch of opportunities, however. Just two. The film will hit theaters September 30 at 7pm and again October 4 at noon. It’s a Fathom Events thing. To help get the word out, here’s a new trailer for the film:

If that doesn’t make you want to watch the film again, maybe even once before this theatrical event takes place, I don’t know what will. Something about it actually makes The Iron Giant look about fifty years old instead of sixteen, as if Brad Bird actually made it during the animation era the film takes as its model. Or maybe that’s just what traditional animation looks like to me after all these years of CG movies.

In any case, The Iron Giant’s release will be followed by a digital HD release as well, so you’ll eventually be able to enjoy the crispy goodness from the safety of your own home.