THE MARTIAN Really Happened And Neil deGrasse Tyson Was There To Explain It To People

Not really, but a great promo idea!

I have a feeling The Martian is going to be huge. People seem taken with the trailer, and the film has one of those premises that folks just can’t resist. Two years in a row of Matt Damon in space! We are a lucky species.

Nevertheless, Fox still has to sell the movie, and sometimes that can be done in creative ways. For instance, here’s a video of famed (meaning, the only one people can name) astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explaining the Ares 3 space mission that turns Matt Damon into a Martian:

Since this happens before all the Matt Damon stuff goes down, Tyson focuses mostly on admiring the big ship taken to Mars. It’s all pretty impressive. And beautiful. He also throws in a pretty goofy Star Talk plug.

More and more, The Martian is looking like the fall movie to see. And if Neil deGrasse Tyson is willing to pretend he’s doing a Cosmos episode on it, that must mean it’s 100% scientifically accurate. Right?