Vincent D’Onofrio To Make A Billy The Kid Movie Called THE KID

It’s about time we got another Billy the Kid movie.

In the greatest way possible, Vincent D’Onofrio is kind of a weird guy. This usually lends a lot of added entertainment to his performances (see his take on the Kingpin in this year’s Daredevil series). If we’re at all lucky, that weirdness will translate to his new directorial feature, The Kid.

According to Deadline - who calls this D'Onofrio's directoring debut despite the existence of Don't Go Into the Woods, a horror film he directed in 2010 - James Franco and Ethan Hawke will also star in the film. The Kid is all about Billy the Kid as he leads up to his death at the hands of Pat Garrett. Specifically, it’s about a child who needs Billy the Kid to help fix some really bad stuff his evil uncle did (killed his dad, pimped out his sister, etc). Unfortunately, it turns out that maybe Billy the Kid isn’t the nicest guy either. So maybe the kid can look up to Pat Garrett instead! I don’t know about you, but I think this synopsis sounds amazing.

This is pretty far out, still, but I’m excited. Lionsgate will distribute the film in America. Red Granite International’s Christian Mercuri will get the film out overseas.