Michael Caine And Harvey Keitel Will Put Anchors On Your Good Mood In This YOUTH Trailer

Explore the prettiest area of Bummer City.

There isn’t a lot of youth in this Youth trailer. I think the youngest person we see is Paul Dano and even he has goofy mustache to make him seem older (and less punchable) than normal. Instead, the trailer offers us a glimpse at what looks like a massively melancholy study on the trials of old age:

Looks fun! Well maybe not fun, but it certainly looks good. It’s hard to deny the beauty on display here. There’s some definite Wes Anderson influence but not enough to make it a bad thing. Meanwhile, the actors look incredible, especially Jane Fonda. Actually, I want to see it exclusively for Jane Fonda.

This will probably be slow, sad, and not too different from similar films we’ve seen before. It also looks like the kind of film that will get a ton of Oscar nominations without actually winning any. But I bet you a million dollars it’s better than The Bucket List. Youth can hold its head high on that score when it comes out December 4.