STEVE JOBS Looks Down On Us In New Poster

Oh, you puny humans.

As you probably know, there is another Steve Jobs movie coming out, this one starring Michael Fassbender as the man himself. It also stars Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels, and Seth Rogen. Danny Boyle’s directing from an Aaron Sorkin script.

So now that we’ve identified beyond any doubt which Steve Jobs movie we are dealing with, please check out this stark new poster:

As you can see, it looks kind of like an Apple product. Lots of white, blank space. We see Steve Jobs in his famous “I AM THINKING” pose. But it also looks like he’s up in ol’ Heaven looking down upon us goofy humans. That doesn’t bother me because he’s also wearing a shirt tucked into pants with no belt. Man, that’s a bad look.

Kate Winslet did an interview with Vulture where she goes on about how the film isn’t even about Steve Jobs. It’s about us, man:

[Screenwriter Aaron] Sorkin makes it almost not about Steve Jobs at all. It’s about how that man has 100 percent dictated how we all live our lives today and how we function as people. The film is about all of us, and all of us today, not in ’84 or ’88 or ’98. I mean, look at us all — how we function. You look at a lot of toddlers today, they’ll pick up any screen of any kind, and they don’t push a button, they swipe. It’s horrifying but kind of extraordinary, and that is Steve Jobs. As a parent of a small child, it’s alarming. I remember the days of rotary phones. I’m 39 years old, so it wasn’t that long ago.

Maybe that’s the angle they’re focusing on. With that Sorkin script, it’s doubtful this will be just another Steve Jobs movie. We’ll find out when Steve Jobs opens October 9. Steve Jobs!