007 Author Tips Adrian Lester As His Choice For Bond; Charges Of Racism Ensue

The writer of the new James Bond novel sparks online outrage over his controversial pro-Lester stance.

Author Anthony Horowitz, whose new 007 novel Trigger Mortis hits shelves this week, has caused an explosive wave of Online Outrage™ over his recent suggestion that actor Adrian Lester (pictured above) could possibly play James Bond after Daniel Craig abdicates the role. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Horowitz has set the internet ablaze with his controversial and shocking proclamation that Lester (Hustle, Doomsday) has the level of suave and cool needed to play Ian Fleming’s gentleman spy.

Oh, wait; that’s not what happened. I mean, that was, in fact, his suggestion, but what happened was no one reads anymore, and all that’s getting passed around today is Horowitz’ comment that fan favorite Idris Elba is “too street” for the role. Now, that’s some loaded language, I get it, and that is a conversation worth having. But that’s not the conversation we’re having. Online this has quickly boiled down to accusations of racism and bigotry. Over the suggestion that Adrian Lester would be a better Bond than Idris Elba. Think about that. And think about how long it took you to read these two paragraphs.

I’m used to people not reading past the headlines, but holy shit, guys. The day we can’t get to the bottom of a Daily Mail article before taking to Twitter seething with confused anger is the day I think you guys might need to consider that you’ve turned outrage into a fucking competitive sport. Who can react the angriest, the loudest, and especially the fastest.

Good luck to Mr. Horowitz on his book launch. As reported here last month, the audiobook will be performed by David Oyelowo.