Hail MACBETH! New Trailer For The Scottish Play Is Gorgeous

It's from the people bringing you... ASSASSIN'S CREED?

If Justin Kurzel's Macbeth isn't one of your most anticipated movies of the year just get into a spaceship and leave this earth so that we can have more room for decent, reasonable people. Or maybe watch this trailer and discover a movie you didn't know was happening! Either of these are options, I guess. 

This version of Macbeth, starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, was a big hit at Cannes and I sort of wish and hope it's a secret screening at Fantastic Fest. I think it fits! I'm also not counting on it. At any rate, this new trailer expands on what was beautiful and stirring in the first trailer, and it only gets me more psyched. 

There's an interesting thing happening here: Kurzel is directing Assassin's Creed, also starring Fassbender. Could this (weird) next project for the filmmaker draw people who would normally give Macbeth a pass in? I would love if nerds took up their side of the bargain and went and supported the indie films of the people hired to make the blockbusters. Did you guys see Cop Car yet? Why not?! Let's expand our horizons!