Jason Bourne To Kick The Shit Out Of Vincent Cassel In BOURNE 5

“He always had a big hate-on for Frenchmen.”

The Bourne films aren’t really defined by whose ass Bourne kicks, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t exciting to learn who’s ass Bourne is going to kick in the future. According to Variety, that ass belongs to Vincent Cassel, who I’m sure we can all agree has a fine ass, definitely one worth laying into for a while.

According to Variety’s sources, Cassel will play some kind of assassin who is hunting Bourne down. What a cocky dumbass. I hope this is the case, as it would be a real shame to have Cassel play another Langley government type.

Cassel joins not only Matt Damon but Tommy Lee Jones, Julia Stiles, and Alicia Vikander. The film is expected to start shooting mere days from now, so Cassel really needs to hustle if he’s going to learn those lines. You do NOT want to have flubs on a Tommy Lee Jones set.