Will Spider-Man Have Organic Or Mechanical Web Shooters In The MCU?

CIVIL WAR details tell us.

One of the first great internet nerd outrages I remember was the debate over Spider-Man's webshooters in the Sam Raimi movies. Raimi gave Peter organic webshooters as part of his mutation after the bite of a radioactive spider, and a lot of fans (probably me as well, but I don't recall) were up in arms about the change from the canon. It wasn't the true first outrage - we had gotten really upset about the gimp suits the X-Men wore (I stand by this outrage) - but it felt like the one that defined us dweebs for a long time to come. It's especially defining because it's the kind of debate that has good points to be made on either side. 

When the series was rebooted very, very recently the one big change was that Peter had mechanical webshooters. That felt like a bigger deal in advance than it did in the actual films; while he invented the shooters Peter still had to go look up how batteries worked in the sequel. 

What's it gonna be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which sees a newly rebooted Spider-Man appear in Captain America: Civil War? Latino Review has the answer. Skip this shit if you don't want to know stuff about Civil War

According to the site Peter has mechanical shooters... but Tony Stark invents them! 

I don't quite know how to feel about this. It makes some sense in a big picture way, it brings Peter into the center of Civil War more cleanly... but at the same time I love Peter Parker as a genius. More than that, I love him as a genius who can't get his shit together enough to profit from that genius. There are a lot of ways that I identify with Peter and this could be the biggest - a sense of a guy who is wasting his potential. If Marvel superheroes were characters from Herman Hesse novels I think Peter might be Hans Giebenrath from Beneath the Wheel, a very smart kid who flunks out of school, ends up a blacksmith and then gets drunk and drowns in a river. I'm not sure if I'm the first person to ever try and figure out which Marvel characters relate to which Hesse novels, but I think I could make a strong Dr. Strange/Journey to the East argument as well. 

ANYWAY. I like mechanical shooters, but I like that Peter invents mechanical shooters. I like that he invents web fluid - something The Amazing Spider-Man took away from him. It seems as if the movies fear making Peter too smart, either because he'll be less of an everyman or because audiences will wonder why he doesn't use those smarts to solve all his problems. But that's part of the beauty of Peter Parker - he can't get out of his own way! He can't make good choices. 

If Stark does make the shooters it's an echo of Stark making Peter a robo-Spider-Man suit in the Civil War comics, but I doubt we will see anything as elaborate as that. I've always felt that Stark's side makes sense for Peter - not only is Stark the ideal of the smart nerdy kid, his side is basically using the motto 'With great power comes responsibility' and they're advocating for a watchdog group to make sure they're being responsible. Who watches the watchmen and all that. Making the shooters is good visual shorthand for this, and I like the idea of Peter coming into Stark's lab and being knocked out by what he sees. 

How is it still so long until Captain America: Civil War? I want it right now.