Hulu Finally Offers An Ad Free Option, But It’ll Cost You

Tough decision for penny-pinchers who hate commercials.

After hearing everyone’s complaints for years, Hulu has finally decided to offer an ad free version of its service. For $11.99, four dollars more than the regular price we’re all used to paying, you can now watch Seinfeld or whatever it is you love to watch all night long, without those nasty pauses for the same stupid commercial over and over again.

But will you do it? I think I might. Four dollars isn’t much all by itself. On the other hand, the number of streaming services I pay for each month is starting to get ridiculous.

It’s good that Hulu’s giving us that choice, however. Commercial interruptions on streaming sites has never been ideal, particularly on a service you’re already paying for. You’d think that’s what Hulu should have been from the get go. Better late than never.

In any case, I look forward to the day when all these companies morph into one gigantic fireball of online streaming content. Until then, I guess I have to remind myself how lucky I am not to need cable.