Universal May Want To Reboot JAWS And BACK TO THE FUTURE

And they're courting Spielberg's Dreamworks to get it done.

We've been covering more business news here than usual, but there have been some big business shake-ups the last few days. The latest is the news that Dreamworks, the mini-studio co-founded by Steven Spielberg, is leaving Disney and may partner up with Universal. 

Dreamworks has a distribution deal at Disney that is up next year and it seems like they are 100% for sure leaving Disney behind. The question is who do they go with now, and reports have Spielberg and company leaning heavily towards Universal, who is riding one of the best box office years of their history and who just had an enormous Spielberg smash with Jurassic World. While it's possible that Dreamworks will end up at Warner Bros (stumbling in a post-Legendary environment) or Paramount, Universal has nostalgic appeal as that's where Spielberg started, and where Amblin's offices remain to this day. 

For Universal getting full-time into the Spielberg business means real money. They're sitting on Jaws and Back to the Future, two massive properties they won't touch without Spielberg's approval. But Jurassic World shows how much money there is to be mined from the Spielberg classics, and having Dreamworks on board at Universal puts the studio one step closer to digging up those treasures and throwing CGI at them. 

I had long hoped that Jaws, at the very least, would be free of remake/reboot mania, but that seems to not be the case. When Jaws goes down what's next? Will nothing be sacred?