When Are We Going To Get More Of That Sweet JACK REACHER Action?

JACK REACHER 2 gets a spooky release date.

Anyone who saw Jack Reacher knows the character is way better than any of us humans. He’s such a massive improvement on us that it’s actually terrifying. This might be why Paramount has decided to put its sequel out so close to Halloween.

Jack Reacher 2 will hit theaters October 21, 2016. So hold off on buying one or two clever Halloween props, and you should have plenty of dough to see it. You could also see Ouija 2 or Underworld 5, both of which come out that day. But it’s Halloween. You should see something scary. And what’s more terrifying than watching a perfect human specimen shame your fat movie gut?

Jack Reacher 2 is based on the Lee Child novel Never Go Back, one of the more recent books (relatively - it came out in 2013, so a couple dozen have probably come out since then). The plot brings Reacher back to his old military base stomping grounds, where he casually graduates from Boot Camp each and every day. Before breakfast. Not that he eats breakfast.