DEMOLITION MAN And JUDGE DREDD: The Rob Schneider Double Feature Extravaganza

The Future Cop series continues!

This week Phil and I enjoy a nice Rob Schneider double feature which also happens to be about future cops which also happens to star Sylvester Stallone. That’s probably not specific enough for you to guess what the movies are.

Between the two films, neither of us really liked Judge Dredd much (although we do have some very nice things to say about it), and we both appreciated the cleverness at play in Demolition Man (although we do have some very negative things to say about it). All in all, it was a fun double feature, and we hope you enjoy hearing us ramble on about it for 90 minutes.

By the way, for those who don’t know how the seashells work in Demolition Man, here is a lovely instructional photo courtesy of I-Mockery:

Mystery solved, though it kind of just brings up more mysteries.

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