Misty Knight Is Coming To LUKE CAGE!

The cyborg-armed superheroine joins the Netflix series.

Misty Knight was a cop who lost her arm in the line of duty. Tony Stark, being Tony Stark, hooked her up with a cyborg arm; that, combined with her advanced martial arts skills, allowed Misty Knight to become a street-level superheroine/detective, occasionally working alongside the likes of Power Man (aka Luke Cage) and Iron FIst. Now she's coming to Netflix's Luke Cage series and, if Marvel Comics canon is any indication, will play a big role in Iron Fist

Deadline reports that Simone Missick, an actress without many recognizable credits to her name, has landed the role of what is listed as 'Missy,' but is actualy Misty Knight. This could be a major breakout part for Missick, especially if Misty Knight and Iron Fist fall in love, as they did in the comics. Of course a lot of that could come down to the showrunners on the Iron Fist series, and I am told that Marvel still has not cracked that show. That's right, they're still trying to figure out what the hell they're going to do with Iron Fist. I wonder if Missick's contract just includes iron Fist anyway, just in case. 

Luke Cage is shaping up to be interesting; I imagine we're going to see Misty Knight in her pre-Knightwing Detective Agency days, and maybe even experience her arm loss. Or perhaps she lost the arm in the Chitauri attack, which would explain why Tony Stark got personally involved in helping her out. I'm very curious where Misty Knight ends up going in this series, as she's always been a deep supporting character (although Marvel recently tried to up her profile). Also, will she be joined in the show by her best friend and partner Colleen Wing? It's amazing how many strong female roles the Netflix shows are offering.