New SPECTRE Poster Leans Into History

Nostalgia takes center stage in this new one-sheet.

Is this new poster for SPECTRE a tad on the unimaginative side? Sure. Does it have the faint whiff of a fan-made Photoshop job? A little, yeah. Is it playing into the history of the character, simply echoing past adventures and assuming you'll show up for Daniel Craig's victory lap as 007? Totally.

The white dinner jacket with red carnation is straight outta Goldfinger, and the death's head behind Bond (which is also Bond, so that's weird) plays on the past in a few ways. Skulls have been part of the 007 iconography since Ian Fleming's dustjackets, through the films all the way to the Skyfall title sequence; the costume itself is a callback to Baron Samedi from Live and Let Die; and by literally putting a spectre over Bond's shoulder, the whole poster is an odd riff on a line from Thunderball. Okay, whatever. At any rate, Craig's Bond has finally figured out what to do with his arms on a poster, and it's better than Skyfall's phoned in "flat on his back" look. For added context, compare it to this UK Skyfall poster. Blargh.

SPECTRE opens October 26th in the UK, and November 6th everywhere else.