This Funny Trailer For THE LOBSTER Hopes To Snag You In Its Claws

Loneliness never looked so hilariously terrifying.

If The Lobster has been off your radar until now, get ready to really want to see it after checking out this trailer:

There is a surprising number of high-quality jokes in there, and that’s in addition to the crazy premise of a world in which you turn into an animal if you don’t find a significant other in a certain amount of time.

Poor mustached Colin Farrell is facing such a fate. After getting caught being single, he is arrested and has only 45 days left to get his shit together. As you can see from the trailer, his brother already screwed the pooch. Maybe Rachel Weisz (whose character comes from a community where dating is illegal) can save him, although I really kind of do want to see him turn into a lobster.

Directed by Dogtooth’s Yorgos Lanthimos, The Lobster will come out in the UK on October 16. It does not have an American release date yet, but it will play at this year’s Fantastic Fest.