Birth.Movies.Exclusive.: See A SPY Featurette On The Hilarity Of Jason Statham

Melissa McCarthy speaks for us all in saying, "I did not think that Jason Statham would be my comedy crush."

I'm an enormous fan of Paul Feig's Spy (I wrote about it here and here), and so I'm super pleased to exclusively debut a featurette from the home video release all about the breakout comedy star of the film, one Mr. Jason Statham. 

I love that Paul Feig saw in Statham what many of us didn't: the potential for rib-cracking, air-gasping hilarity. I also love how much respect comedy queen Melissa McCarthy has for the guy, clearly surprised to discover that he'd end up being the funniest part of a very funny movie. 

Spy is out on Blu-ray and DVD on September 29, and you can pre-order a copy at the link below. And today marks the film's digital HD release in both theatrical and unrated versions! If you haven't seen Spy yet, now's the time. We have so many Statham inside jokes to share!