It’s Book Cover Monsters Galore In New GOOSEBUMPS Trailer

Also: Jack Black with a funny voice.

I’ve been ignoring the Goosebumps movie until now, but this trailer kind of makes me change my mind about it a little. I’m probably not going to go too far out of my way to see it, but I think it looks a lot better than it should.

There are about 1,000 Goosebumps books out there, but instead of adapting just one for the big screen, the film creates a story that’s actually about RL Stine himself, a guy who keeps all the monsters from his books locked up in magical special editions you can only buy in Hungary. If you unlock a book, that book’s monster gets loose. So naturally all the books get unlocked.

The genius here is that this not only preys upon nostalgia from those who read the books, but also the nostalgia from people like me, folks who never touched these things yet still saw their covers all over the goddamn place. I recognize a lot of these monsters just from being alive in the ‘90s.

But I’m also the guy who thought Pixels had an okay idea behind it, so maybe don’t listen to me. Goosebumps (which also has Amy Ryan, Ken Marino, and Kumail Nanjiani in it) comes out October 16.