The CALL ME KING Trailer: DTV Action Perfection

Vyce is hype for R.L. Scott's gun-running actioner.

I haven't affiliated myself with #BlackTwitter, yet somehow I am fortunate enough that certain "Afro-centric" posts show up on my social media feeds. This week, I was delighted to find my DTV budget action movie tastes collide and combine with my cultural leanings in the form of this trailer for the crime drama/action movie Call Me King.

Since, like most of you, I've never even heard of this movie up until just now, I wanted to share the full official synopsis with you straight from the film's website:

"Call Me King" is the story of two young heirs, RHYIS (Amin Joseph) and KHALIL (Maurice Whitfield) members of an ousted Haitian dictatorship who immigrate to the United States. Now as adults, the brothers are seeking to right the wrongs perpetrated by their father KNIGHT (Shaun Mixon) by assembling their own four-member crew of gun runners, “THE STRAP SET."

The team is led by the eldest brother Rhyis. His goal is to earn enough capital and power in America to return to Haiti and reclaim his birth rite. Khalil, the younger brother, handles the lion’s share of sales and distribution to foreign buyers. GRIMM (Sean A. Riggs) handles heavy artillery and deals with local distributors and ZHO (Johnathan McDaniel) is a lethal sharp shooter.

Rhyis answers to only one man... ANGELO COSTA (Chris Mulkey) head of the Italian syndicate. Angelo utilizes "The Strap Set" as his key enforcers. When the rules of the underworld are broken, these four men inflict punishment to the letter. Heavily armed with automatic weapons, lethal fighting skills, and the strategies of war... "The Strap Set" are locked, loaded, and intent on returning victorious to the docks of Port-Au-Prince Haiti."

So, while this plays on the same tried and true faux-Shakespearian family elements present in many boilerplate crime dramas, I like that the family's Haitian origin plays into the plot; definitely a welcome addition to the mafia movie stew dominated by Italian, Irish and, to a lesser extent, Russian mobs (of course, that's to say nothing of the decades of Chinese crime films and European material such as Brave Men's Blood which Evan wrote about recently; in general though, American-made crime films stick to those first three aforementioned flavors). I'm also stoked to see some fresh new black action movie talent; Michael Jai White has sat on the throne bequeathed to him by Carl Weathers for so long, it's exciting to see some young lions who are potential title contenders.

Call Me King will receive limited distribution in theaters starting this Friday/ Labor Day weekend in Los Angeles and Atlanta. Fortunately, for those of us not lucky enough to live in those magnificent Metropoli, Call Me King will also be released via VOD on various platforms to include iTunes and Amazon prime. If you're a fiend for DTV budget action like I am, be sure not to miss this.