Rejoice: Netflix To Produce New Episodes Of BLACK MIRROR

Well, this is the best news we've heard all day.

According to a report over at the Radio Times, Netflix has signed on to produce multiple new episodes of Black Mirror (presumably a season's worth, which - if past seasons are any indication - probably means a minimum of three episodes), Charlie Brooker's brilliantly subversive anthology series. Per the Times:

The streaming giant is understood to have agreed terms with Brooker and his independent production company House of Tomorrow to make "multiple episodes” of the dystopian drama, according to sources involved in the negotiations.

This is, quite frankly, the best news I have heard all week. Black Mirror is one of the sharpest, most well-directed pieces of entertainment I've come across in years. I've urged BMD's readership towards the show in the past, and it sounds like at least some of you listened to that bit of advice: according to the Times, Netflix is interested in keeping the series going precisely because it's proven to be such a popular addition to the site.

For those of you just crawling out from under a rock, Black Mirror is sort of a tech-y spin on the Twilight Zone formula: each episode involves a hook (What if you could replay any moment from your life? What if we were able to "block" people from interacting with us in real life in the same way we block dickheads on Twitter? What if a member of the royal family were kidnapped, and the only way to get that person back was convincing the Prime Minister to sodomize a pig on national television?), and each episode usually ends with some sort of twist. Along the way, Brooker delivers trenchant commentary on the modern state of affairs. It's fantastic.

Anyway, the Times claims that the Netflix deal has Brooker working on scripts for a new batch of episodes even as we speak. Really hope this turns out to be legit; I'd love nothing more than a new season of Black Mirror to look forward to every year or so. 

And now, as is customary following any conversation related to Black Mirror, it is time to head to the comments and tell us what your favorite episode is (mine remains "White Bear", though a recent rewatch has "The Entire History Of You" and "The National Anthem" nipping at its heels).