Christmas Comes Early With New KRAMPUS Trailer

Michael Dougherty's follow-up to TRICK 'R TREAT will make you merry.

I think most or all of us here at BMD are fans of Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat - much like ourselves, it's nice looking, it doesn't take itself too seriously, it's kind of mean and sometimes it's really gross. No, really, Trick ‘r Treat is a Halloween movie that truly nails the tone of the holiday, and it's never afraid to seriously go for it on the horror/gore front. So when we heard Dougherty was doing a Christmas-themed horror movie, we were pretty excited. Well, I thought I was excited. But the excitement I feel today after watching the trailer for Krampus makes that earlier excitement look like apathy or ennui or like I was catatonic or something.

First of all, this cast! Adam (Piranha*) Scott! Toni (Velvet Goldmine) Collette! David (Cheap Thrills) Koechner! Allison (Fargo) Tolman! That’s a cast that, coupled with this trailer, promises the kind of funny-but-still-totally-a-horror movie vibe at which early Joe Dante excelled, and which Trick ‘r Treat recaptured. Tonally, Krampus seems to stick its cloven hoof in a few different piles of Christmas horror history, which I’ll let you discover as you watch, because they’re callBACKS, not callAHEADS.

And how can you not love that screen? In an industry where so many things are adaptations, reboots or remakes, Krampus stops to actually brag that it’s based on old-timey lore. Amazing. Really, there’s not much that doesn’t feel correct here. And while I’m all for not pigeonholing filmmakers, if Dougherty is going to keep nailing holiday horror, I have no problem hitching him to that post.

Right on, Krampus. See you on December 4th.

*I like Piranha. I regret nothing.