Michael Fassbender Considers Becoming THE SNOWMAN

Harry Hole fans unite.

Jo Nesbo’s The Snowman is being adapted by Let the Right One In director Tomas Alfredson. According to THR, Michael Fassbender is in talks to play the title role, a guy with the amazing name Harry Hole. That is not a joke. He’s a hard nosed detective who drinks too much and has no friends, exactly what you get when you name your kid Harry Hole.

The story is about a dad who doesn’t spend enough time with his kid. One day he dies, but comes back as a sassy snowman who kills people. Fassbender has to take him out!

Sadly, that is not actually what the movie is about. (But his name really is Harry Hole!) Instead it is about a serial killer who murders married women on the first snow day of the year. That might be entertaining, but I like my version better. I haven’t read the book though, so who knows. Maybe the killer IS a snowman after all.

Fassbender’s still just in talks, so his Harry Hole is not yet a certainty. Fingers crossed, though.