HANNIBAL’s David Slade Joins HANNIBAL’s Bryan Fuller On AMERICAN GODS

This should tickle you Fannibals.

Sadly, Hannibal really seems to be no more. It’s a hard thing when a show you love dies. You have to hope maybe someone will save it from oblivion, but often that only prolongs your ability to move on. Nerd.

But there is a plus side! The death of a good show means the people responsible for that it can go on to make other great shows. Hopefully that is the case with American Gods, which will hit Starz some time in 2017 with Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller as one of the show runners.

According to Deadline, it now appears that Hannibal director and executive producer David Slade will join the show as well, once again as (wait for it!) director and executive producer. Slade is expected to get started right away by directing the pilot.

A lot of people like Neil Gaiman’s American Gods novel, and a lot of people really hate it. I fall somewhere in the middle, but with the Hannibal team in charge, it feels like a whole different deal than just some regular book adaptation. This could be something very special. Unfortunately, it’ll be a while until we find out.