JESSICA JONES Trailer Reveals November Release Date

You'll get to see the whole shebang on 11/20.

Today Netflix released the first teaser for Jessica Jones, the second Marvel TV show, and revealed that the series will be available in full on November 20. Here's the trailer:

It looks like it could be the show's opening credits, an impressionistic run through the world of Jessica Jones and private eyes in general - a camera shutter, a spilling glass of booze, an office door with her detective agency name on it. And then a shot of her standing in the street, reminiscent of the early Daredevil motion poster. I suspect that's going to be a motif we see repeated in the marketing for all these Netflix shows until The Defenders, when we'll see the whole group standing together in the street. 

It looks fine? Jessica Jones is actually the Netflix show I'm iffiest on, if only because I'm not a huge fan of Alias, the comic on which it's based. I recognize that the tropes on display in Alias are new-ish to superhero comics, but they're still tropes that strike me as tired. Maybe the show will be better than that. 

Mostly I'm curious how the show deals with Jones' past as the hero Jewel. People have said there hasn't been enough time in-universe to have Jones be a superhero and quit being a superhero and not feel rushed, but it's worth noting that Iron Man came out almost eight years ago; Marvel Comics' sliding timeline makes it so that most of the events since Fantastic Four #1 have occured in the past ten to fifteen years. That isn't a huge difference, practically speaking. It depends on when the show says Jewel was operating, I suppose. 

November 20th: are you gonna take that Friday off to mainline the show, or will you be spacing it out over the weekend (and ensuing holiday)?