Takashi Miike’s YAKUZA APOCALYPSE Gets A Bloody Good Trailer

Yakuza vampires have animated tattoos.

It’s not necessarily a special thing to get a new Takashi Miike movie since he makes about five films a day, but every once in a while he’ll pop one out that does seem to be worth paying more than normal attention to. Judging from this trailer, Yakuza Apocalypse appears to be one of those films:

What’s not to like? Blood, vampires, cool Japanese posing, someone dressed up like a goofball pansy, and a guy kicking ass in a cute frog outfit - this is going to be great.

For those able to make the trip, Yakuza Apocalypse will play at this year’s Fantastic Fest. I can’t wait to see it, and I don’t even like vampires that much.