Birth.Movies.Exclusive: Michael Ian Black & Missi Pyle Read Harry Potter Slashfic

For the indie movie SLASH!

Erotic fan fiction. It's a thing, and it's not going away, so let's get used to it. Heck, let's make movies about it! 

Slash is one such movie, starring Michael Ian Black and Missi Pyle, and thanks to the good people from that film we have video of this duo reading some real, honest to god erotic fanfic. It's a Harry Potter fic, and it is in the gigantism fetish - ie, it's for people who get horny imagining other people becoming giants. It takes all kinds!

Michael Ian Black should have a podcast where all he does is read erotic fan fiction.

So what is Slash, exactly? Glad you asked. Here's the synopsis: 

Neil is a sexually-confused teen who secretly writes erotic fan fiction about a popular sci-fi hero called Vanguard. Everything changes when he meets an older student named Julia, who pushes him to publish his fan fic online. Once the website’s moderator, and older man named Denis, takes a special interest in Neil’s work, things get complicated. 

Director Clay Liford (WussEarthling) has finished the main photography on the movie - ie, the story of Neil and all that - but what he's trying to do now is pretty cool, and he could use your help. To really make Slash special Liford is shooting enactments of the scifi fan fiction that Neil writes in the movie, fanfic based around Vanguard, a sort of Harry Potter in space. Liford wants to make these erotic re-enactments look like real Hollywood blockbusters, so he's raising money on Kickstarter, and he has a lot of cool rewards. 

Click here to check out the Kickstarter. There are some really cool rewards, including the ability to get your own slashfic read out loud by the cast, like in the video above!