Rob Marshall To Finally Gift The World With More Mary Poppins

Let’s hope she fights Maleficent in this one.

When I was younger, the goofy Disney thing was to make DTV sequels to their animated films. That was how they used to make money off of stuff no one asked for. Now they’re doing it by making theatrical films based on old properties. It’s a step up!

With that in mind, Rob Marshall will apparently direct a new Marry Poppins movie. It will actually be a sequel (though we’re not supposed to think of it as a direct sequel) set twenty years after the original and based on P.L. Travers’ other Mary Poppins books.

Finding Neverland’s David Magee will write the screenplay. Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman will write new songs. And you will watch. Some of you anyway. I’m sure of it.

Marshall’s a pretty obvious choice, having directed Chicago and Into the Woods, both of which are, I’m told, musicals. Honestly, if we're going with Robs, my vote would be for Rob Cohen.

So that leaves us with nothing to do but imagine who we want to play Marry Poppins. Michael Shannon’s my vote. Good luck coming up with something better.