SCREAM’s Kevin Williamson To Bring TIME AFTER TIME TV Show To ABC

Well that’s a big ball of interesting.

TV has been supporting some pretty out there concepts lately, so it’s not so crazy to imagine a big-ass time travel show finding a comfortable Prime Time home somewhere. According to Deadline, one such show just found one such home.

Scream’s Kevin Williamson has just sold a Time After Time project to ABC. For those who don’t know, was first a novel by Karl Alexander in which HG Wells invents a time machine and goes to the future to find Jack the Ripper. As far as awesome, wacky concepts go, the rest of you can just head on home.

Most people are probably more familiar with the novel’s film adaptation, which starred Malcolm McDowell and David Warner (I’ll let you figure out who played Wells and who played the Ripper). The film - which was kind of a cable staple when I was a kid - is pretty good, though I am basing that opinion on my childhood memories. Which are stupid.

The new show would focus more on Wells’ adventures through time. You can probably already envision how this is going to play out. It’ll likely feature time travel stories of the week with increasingly strong hints about and run-ins with Jack the Ripper. Honestly, solid time travel shenanigans are enough if done well. Jack the Ripper doesn’t even need to be all that big a deal.

However they end up doing this, I think it might be something to anticipate, ABC or no. In fact, even if this is all a huge mistake and it turns out he's just adapting that Cyndi Lauper song, I think it could be something special.