Another One Of These DIVERGENT Movies Gets A Trailer

Come for ALLEGIANT, stay for recaps of the first two films.

A lot of people who have kids feel forced to watch a bunch of bullshit they have no interest in. My kid rarely does this to me. There are occasional exceptions, however. There might be a ballet documentary now and again. Or maybe she’ll insist on some goofy romance. And then there are these Divergent movies.

Well, here comes another one. I defy anyone to remember what happened in the first two films, and I am not alone. The trailer basically uses half its running time getting you up to speed. Then you get to see Jeff Daniels. Then it ends.

This doesn’t come out until March, so there is plenty of time for better trailers. I remember the first Divergent Part 2 (I can’t remember what’s it’s called, maybe Belligerent) trailer was focused solely on an obvious dream sequence, so this has never been a series with representative first trailers.

It’s possible I’m being too harsh on the series. It’s just that I’ve spent four hours in this world already, and I have another four ahead of me.