Chris Hemsworth’s Moby Dick: IN THE HEART OF THE SEA Trailer

I'm rooting for the whale.

In the Heart of the Sea is the Ron Howard big whale movie that Warner Bros moved from an earlier berth into awards season. Do they think they have a chance? It's the true story that inspired Moby Dick, and it stars Chris Hemsworth as a sea captain whose whaling expedtion finds itself up against a whale who won't brook their harpoon bullshit. It looks like it could be Oscar-y, judging by the trailer. I've heard it's a soft year for male performances, and this movie is full of male performances (and that's not even a Moby Dick joke). 

The latest trailer looks an awful lot like all the previous trailers. I will say this: I don't like how CGI-y it is. Hemworth dodging CG debris on a boat while standing in front of a green screen just isn't thrilling. You can see that Howard is going for a visceral thing here and that just isn't selling. I watch a movie like Master & Commander (which obviously has plenty of FX going on) and I feel like I'm watching guys out at sea. I look at this trailer and I think these dudes are getting off set and walking to the local taqueria. Which is in a strip mall one block over from the parking lot where they've set up the water tank and green screen. 

But you know what? I love a lot of old movies that are shot on phony-ass soundstages, so maybe the story and performances here will overcome the fact that it looks a lot like a video game (seriously, the guy dodging the anchor looks like a quicktime event). 

Here's the trailer: 

What do you think?