Dynamic JESSICA JONES Pix Promise Action-Packed Show Full Of Scarves

Slow it down, Netflix! Don't overwhelm us with goodness!

The first official pictures from Jessica Jones, the next Netflix Marvel series, have arrived and they are boooooring. These pics could be for almost literally any show that takes place in a part of the world where it gets slightly chilly, judging by all the scarves. In these thrilling pictures we get a look at the Purple Man (clearly named that because of the color of his scarf) and Luke Cage doing what he does best - tending bar! Missing from these pictures: smiles. Also, action. 

I hear the show has some really good action, but you wouldn't know it from these images, all of which could be from Generic Drama On CBS. Yeah, we cracked wise on Daredevil's jammies in his early promo pics, but at least those shots showed us something unique. I'm excited to watch Jessica Jones when it debuts in November, but if I wasn't already on board this bland marketing would do nothing to sell me. 

It's Carrie-Anne Moss!

It's Doctor Who!

Luke Cage has indestructible skin and an excellent pour!

This is Jessica Jones with "Trish" Walker. In the comics she's Patsy Walker, Hellcat, a character I really like... and also a redhead. Between this and the darkening of Matt Murdock's hair to be barely red I think Netflix has something against gingers.