Heart Stab: LONDON HAS FALLEN Pushed Back Until Spring

Stop playing with us, Gerard Butler!

I believe London has Fallen is so massively good that Focus Features is afraid to release it. The joy it gives us may cause riots. Or perhaps people will just quit their jobs to watch it over and over again, thus disrupting global economics to a dangerous degree. Maybe they worry that once it’s out there, no other movie will be able to top it unto the end of time.

For whatever reason, they keep pushing it back. Originally, the film was to come out October 2. Think about that! Mere weeks away! Then they moved it to January 22. It was sad, but we learned to cope. Now we have to get our security blankets out all over again as Focus Features has moved the date yet again, this time to March 4.

That’s six months from now. To put it in personal terms, I become emancipated from the cold clutches of Minnesota in March. Now I have to deal with anticipation for this as well. And to make matters even worse, I misplaced my pacifier this morning.

If nothing else, March 4 comes pretty close to the date Olympus has Fallen came out and became a surprise hit. Maybe they think head-stabbing lightning will strike twice. I hope it does. We need as many Mike Banning movies as possible. There are not enough good-guy psychopaths in movies these days.