It’s All On TV #1: TAKEN Will Now Be A TV Show

Prepare thyself for the weekly adventures of Bryan Mills.

So you’re watching Taken and find yourself really into all of Liam Neeson’s badassary, much of which refers to the even more badass days he lived as a youth. He has all those skills, of course, but he also has those hilarious BBQ buddies of this. Why not make a movie about that?

If that was you asking that question, get ready to be happy. Not only are we getting a Taken prequel, but it’s going to be a TV show instead of a movie. Think of all the Taken hours that will give you!

Luc Besson is currently working on a prequel Taken television show for NBC. Since Bryan Mills is so young, he won’t be played by Liam Neeson anymore. And also he won’t have a family to threaten. So basically he will just be a badass, doing badass stuff each week. It’s not really why people watch Taken, but sure why not?

This is really early still. There’s no showrunner or anything like that. But just know that someday you’ll live in a world where you can casually check out the new episode of Taken instead of taking out the trash or helping your kid with homework. Just give it a little time, and you'll be there before you know it. Surrounded by trash and kids that hate you.