It’s All On TV #2: Francis Lawrence To Bring Neil Gaiman’s NEVERWHERE To The Small Screen

Our TV’s are about to be chock full of Gaiman.

Francis Lawrence is pretty much all done with his take-over of the Hunger Games series. So now he has to figure out what to do next. According to Deadline, one of his new projects is a television adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel, Neverwhere.

First arriving as a BBC miniseries in 1996 and then as a novel afterwards, Neverwhere puts an everyday fella in direct contact with a magical realm known as London Below where all kinds of cooky stuff happens. I have read the book and remember absolutely none of it. I like Francis Lawrence, though, and imagine he will have little trouble translating Gaiman’s aesthetic visually.

Lawrence is also signed on to adapt Charles Belfoure’s novel House of Thieves for television. On top of that, he’s supposed to be working on an adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey. So in other words, Francis Lawrence is extremely busy. It’s like people will give you jobs if you direct three very successful movies or something.