All The Surviving Ghostbusters Are Now In The New GHOSTBUSTERS

Ernie Hudson makes it in just under the wire.

And Paul Feig's collection is complete: today, the last day of shooting on the Ghostbusters reboot, saw Ernie Hudson coming to set. With Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray already having shot their cameos, the appearance of Winston makes it a full house of surviving original Ghostbusters The blessings are complete. 

Getting Hudson is actually sort of a surprise - just a year ago he was saying he thought this movie was a bad idea. 

If it has nothing to do with the other two movies, and it's all female, then why are you calling it Ghostbusters? I love females. I hope that if they go that way, at least they'll be funny, and if they're not funny at least hopefully it'll be sexy. I love the idea of including women, I think that's great. But all-female, I think, would be a bad idea. I don't think the fans want to see that.

What a difference a year (and a paycheck that keeps him current with SAG) makes! For Feig's Ghostbusters it's a coup - none of the original actors can now badmouth this movie, as they're all in it. 

The only people left to badmouth it are the foaming misogynists on Twitter, and there are still plenty of them.