The Canon Episode 43: THE SEARCHERS

John Ford's classic Western gets The Canon treatment.

Somehow it took us this long to get to a Western, but if you're going to finally get to a Western why not get to one of the best ones ever made. John Ford's The Searchers is the subject of this week's episode, a movie that is both a classic Western ad well as a revisionist one, a movie that features an incredible John Wayne performance at its center. It's a movie that grapples with the inherent racism of the Western genre while also luxuriating in the kind of landscape photography only Ford could pull off, with Monument Valley largely sitting in for Texas.

Amy and I both agree on this one, but it's The Canon, which means we still find stuff to fight about. It's not even like we're finding stuff - it just pops up. It's just how we are. 

I'm about to be traveling for a couple of weeks, but fret not! We have some episodes of The Canon in the can, so you'll be able to keep on listening. And we have recorded our first commentary, for Goodfellas, so expect that to be live before the end of the month (that's the plan, anyway). 

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